XML Schema Viewer

Online FundsXML Schema Viewer

July 2017

Interactive graphical display of any xml schema definition (xsd file)

  • Written in JavaScript, so it's running in most modern browsers
  • Click on a tree node for expanding/collapsing the tree structure
  • Click on a leaf node for type details
  • Activate or deactivate display of annotations and type info
  • Built in full text search with automatic navigation to found node

Online FundsXML Generation and Analysis

Online FundsXML Generation and Analysis

September 2017

Online generation of FundsXML document, calculation of currency exposure and chart display

  • Generation of a random portfolio (equities and fx-forwards)
  • Generation of corresponding FundsXML document
  • Parsing of FundsXML document
  • Calculating of currency exposure (excl/incl hedging)
  • Drawing of resulting piecharts

Online FundsXML Format and Quality Check

Online FundsXML Format and Quality Check

October 2018

Online format and quality check of FundsXML documents

  • Parsing of FundsXML 4.x documents
  • Checking of fund and share class master data
  • Checking of holdings, transactions and asset master data
  • Checking of field contents and existence of mandatory nodes
  • Checking of consistency and plausibility of field contents
  • Detailled protocol with export option

Command Line FundsXML - CSV Converter

Command Line FundsXML - CSV Converter

February 2019, updated July 2019

Open source command line tool for conversion of CSV data to FundsXML format and vice versa

  • Both conversion directions with same simple mapping definition
  • Built in format and content check with detailled error protocol
  • Single file conversion and batch mode
  • Fully customizable via mapping definition