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Version 1.0 as of November 10th, 2018

Currently the following sections are checked:
- ControlData
- Funds (including Identifiers and FundStaticData)
- FundDynamicData (TotalAssetValues, Positions and Transactions)
- SingleFund (parts of SingleFundStaticData, parts of ShareClasses)
- AssetMasterData (mandatory nodes for all asset types)
- RegulatoryReporting (EMT)
- CountrySpecificData (parts of AT)

Not supported right now:
- Earnings, PositionsDecomposed, BreakDowns, RiskCodes
- Segments, Umbrella Structures
- Portfolio data for segments and share classes
- Documents
- RegulatoryReporting (excluding EMT)
- CountrySpecificData (parts)
- Large documents (due to browser memory limits)

This tool is written completely in JavaScript, so the analyzed FundsXML data is processed locally in your browser environment.
Internet access is needed for loading the AG-Grid library only. This html document can be stored and used locally on your pc or intranet if you like.

Written by Peter Raffelsberger